TLN April 28, 2020 Shelter In Place: Ah Haa Maker Moments

Ah Haa School for the Arts is producing "Maker Moments," free online classes during the pandemic. Here's a snippet of a DIY window painting project with Tara Carter.

TLN April 22, 2020 Shelter In Place: Tim Johnson

Episode #4 of our Shelter In Place series features Telluride TV video editor and musician Tim Johnson, who participated in a social media exchange.

TLN April 14, 2020 Shelter In Place: Magician Ty Gallenbeck

Episode 3 of the Shelter In Place series features local magician Ty Gallenbeck.

TLN April 8, 2020 Shelter In Place: Poetry

Local News Network Telluride presents the second episode in the mini-series featuring what people are doing during the stay-at-home order to entertain and help each other during the pandemic.

TLN April 3, 2020 Shelter In Place: Pinhead Institute

Local NEWS Network Telluride's Shelter In Place Series features Pinhead Institute

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